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boylans garden & pet logo sml IMG_2701mouse Rats are intelligent, fun and easy to care for. 

Pets can be subject to availability and season.

Leave your details and staff will notify you when your pet  arrives.

  • Guinea Pigs

  • Rats

  • Mice - Fancy and Plain



  • Cages.

  • Food: pellets and grain mixes.

  • Medications, pet disinfectant. 

  • Bedding, woodshavings, paper.

  • Toys, exercise wheels.

  • Books.

  • Grooming equipment.

  • Houses

  • Water bottles.

  • Feed dishes.

  • Mineral blocks and wood chews.

  • Food - pellets, grain, chews.

  • Leads, harnesses.

  • Hammocks, tunnels.

Fury, fluffy and cuddly pets are always popular with children. They're fun and friendly.


They are good for children to learn about care and responsibility and they are short lived, about 3 years.


Looking for something special? Let us put your request in the pet order book and we will contact you when your pet arrives.










Small Pet Food Range

Two guinea pigs sharing a breakfast of small animal food.

Guinea Pigs, Rats & Mice

Boylans Garden and Pet small animial food range. Look at me IMG_2713mouse eating Rat House

Boylans pellets are for rats,

mice and guinea pigs.

Buy in bulk and save.