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boylans garden & pet logo sml Blue tongue lizards, bearded dragons, children's pythons and short necked turtles are all available from Boylans Garden and Pet.

Reptiles have grown in popularity over the last few years.

They are fascinating and fun pets to keep.

Snakes, lizards and turtles are included in this group.

Reptiles are not high maintenance and do not require a lot of interaction, and they also make little mess or noise.

Reptiles are relatively easy to care for, once the heating and lighting is installed.


Austalian reptiles are protected by law and different states have different licensing laws.

A reptile licence can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection www.ehp.qld.gov.au

  • Vivariums (enclosures).

  • Heaters: mats, heat rocks, heat cords.

  • Thermometers.

  • Thermostats.

  • Lights for heating, night lights, sunlight lights. 

  • Reptile sand, mats, bowls.  

  • Climbing decorations, vine, wood.

  • Backing paper for decoration.

  • Decor for hiding and resting.

  • Food and water bowls.

  • Snake handling hooks.

  • Food: frozen rabbits, rats and mice-pinkies.    

  • Cricket kits.

  • Snake handling hooks.

  • Books.

Short Necked Turtle

Blue Tongue Lizard

  • Crickets,

  • Mealworms,

  • Earthworms.

  • Woodies (to order),

  • Silkworms (seasonal).

  • Frozen rabbits and mice

Children's Python

Pets can be subject to availability and season.

Leave your details and staff will notify you when your pet arrives.

  • Children's Pythons

  • Blue Tongue Lizards 

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Short Necked Turtles


Lizard Baby short necked turtle. Snake-Children's Python lizard for web

Snakes, Lizards & Turtles

Bearded Dragon

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