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100,000 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are received by animal shelters every year in Australia.

We would like to encourage people to give these abandoned pets another chance at life.

So if you have a home to offer a pet from the RSPCA in Bundaberg you will be saving a life and gain a loving pet.

When getting a pet from the RSPCA your pet is ready to take home, fees charged are for medical bills i.e. annual shots and neutering.


A huge selection of dog supplies, including toys and more toys, tiaras, necklaces, shoes, hats, sunglasses and also pants for the girls.

We've got the lot,

and the right advice

for caring for your friend.

Come on in to see what's hot in the doggy world today, with new items arriving daily.

  • Premium dog food: Advance, Science Diet, Eukanuba, IAMS, Holistic and Royal Canin, Black   Hawk. 

  • Pedigree, Supercoat, Cobber, CopRice, Bonnie.  

  • Canned food: Advance, Hills Science Diet, Pedigree.

  • Frozen food: Big Dog Barf, Canine Country Pet Food, Leading Raw.


  • Vetline products: Flea, tick, worm and heartworm treatments.


  • Collars, leads and harnesses.

  • Treats.

  • Bedding.

  • Kennels and insulation.

  • Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail,

  • or bring your pet in for a fitting.

  • Staff can assist you to get the correct fit.

  • Dog doors.

  • Grooming equipment.

  • Shampoo and medications.

  • Car accessories.

  • Coats, jackets, jumpers and pyjamas.

  • I.D Tags, and instore Tags- while you wait.

  • Toys: tug toys, soft toys, balls, ropes, frisbes.

  • Pet carriers and airline approved carriers.  

  • Enclosures, cages, crates.

  • Waste managment.

  • Agility and training, DVDs.

  • Car seat protectors and restraints.  

Pet Coats

Dog Beds and Kennels

  • Cosy beds, igloos and futons.

  • Large range of kennels,

       with insulation options

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This is the best range of pet wear in Bundaberg.

All types of options are here, from light weight summer rashies to robust and heavy coats.

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  • Dog swimming pools - portable, tough, folds down

  • Cooling Mats - cooling gel inner lining

  • Cooling Bandanas - stays cool for several hours

  • Sunglasses - protect your dogs eyes

  • Sunscreen - Petkin sunscreen stick & sunscreen wipes

  • Rashies for sun protection - blocks 97.5% UV rays

  • EzyDog Floatation Vests

  • Dog Clippers & Shedding Combs - groom your dog and save $$$

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Travelling with your pet

  • Food and water bowls, bottles

  • Dog car seat hammocks

  • Car seat halters

  • Crates, carriers

  • Airline crates

  • Designer shoulder pet bags

  • Toilet bags

  • Collars and leads

Summer Solutions

Dog Supplies