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  • Tanks/containers. 

  • Heat mat.  

  • Heat light.

  • Thermometer.

  • Hermit Crab sand.

  • Spare shells. 

  • Sponges.

  • Water and food bowls.

  • Hermit Crab food.

  • Hermit Crab salt.

  • Rocks and ornaments.

  • Refuges, hidy huts.

  • Books.

Scorpions, Spiders, Hermit Crabs,

Cockroaches & Axolotls

If your looking for a new family pet you are no longer limited to a dog or cat!


Scorpions, Bird Eating Spiders (tunnel diggers), Hermit Crabs, Centipedes and Axolotls (or Salamanders) all make great pets.

Some are relatively short lived, which can make for a good first pet.

Hermit Crabs, Giant Cockroaches  are popular choices for school projects.

Pets Available

  • Hermit Crabs.

  • Scorpions.

  • Rainforest Scorpions.

  • Axolotls.

  • Giant Spiders.

  • Centipedes.

axolotls Hermit Crabs in their best clothes Boylans Garden & Pet - bird eating spider Boylans Garden & Pet - hermit crab