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Come in and enjoy the fish.

Big, small, fast, slow and beautiful ...they're here!  


The supplies are here to start or maintain your aquarium.


Get your: tanks, free standing aquariums, filters, heaters and chillers, lighting, cleaning equipment, nets, water and fish treatments, gravels, and the right advice.

There is a beautiful selection of marine fish, seahorses, corals and live rock to choose from, or order in. If you have a query the staff will be happy to help. Everything you need to maintain or set up your aquarium is here, and the knowledge to help you on your adventure.

Interested ? Get a Marine Tank information sheet in store to get you started.

Marine fish, coral and live rock

Tropical fish

Easier to care for than marine fish, these warm water fish come in a beautiful array of colours and temperament. There are tanks to suit everyone large and small, budget and up-market, take your time looking around, staff are here to help with any questions.


Beautiful to watch and easy to care for. Goldfish are a great way to start on your fish adventure. Children love them.

Goldfish are suitable for ponds that have adequate depth of water.

Goldfish and snails


These fish enjoy the solo life and can be kept in a small tank on their own, or with other carefully selected warm water species. Beautiful and flamboyant, they are a good fish for a learner.


Are excellent for people looking for a long term relationship with a pet! See the baby turtles in their free standing tank.

The plant tank carries a range of aquatic plants. The plants are beautiful in a tank with or without fish.  Plants supply oxygen, hiding places, food and help the tank stay healthy for the fish.

Aquatic plants

See the tiny turtles in their free standing tank. Golden snails with goldfish. Goldfish and snails are hardy and suitable for ponds.


The unusual Axolotl is an easy to care for pet. Their main requirement being temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. They grow up to 30cm in length and can live for 20 years.

See the large range of beautiful aquatic plants available, suitable for aquariums. See the different tropical fish at Boylans Garden and Pet. Tropical and Australian Native Fish Tanks.

Native fish are popular for aquariums and ponds, yabbies are also an interesting and active animal to have, they're always busy.

Australian native fish










Fish Food Range

Tropical & Marine Fish, Coral, Goldfish, Axolotls,

Bettas, Australian Native Fish & Aquarium Plants

Boylans Garden and Pet have an economical fish food range Loaches Betta fish Native fish axolotl Pretty Nemos Lionfish