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  • Vetline products:                    flea treatment, wormers,       eye and ear care.   

  • Premium cat food:              Eukanuba, Royal Canin,      Hills Science Diet, Iams.                  

  • Supercoat, Whiskas.

  • Tinned food/pouch:          Science Diet, Royal Canin, Fancy Feast, Iams.

  • Frozen food: Chicken wings,          

       Chicken mince.

  • Treats.

  • I.D Tags while you wait.

  • Restraints:                           collars, leads and harnesses.

  • Crates and Carriers.

  • Shampoo, grooming and hygiene products.

  • Grooming equipment.

  • Litter, litter trays and liners.

  • Bowls/Food dispensers.

  • Toys.

  • Bedding, cushions, igloos, cubby cubes.

  • Play Towers

  • Pet doors.

Purrfectly beautiful and independant cats!

We have all the supplies for your fluffy pal.

Vetlines, collars, brushes, bowls, toys, play towers, crates & carriers. cat doors.

Cat toys, collars, brushes and bowls.

Large choice of cat food available.

cat heated cat bed

Keep your older cat or young kitten warm and snug with a heated cat bed or igloo.

100,000 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies,  are received by animal shelters every year in Australia.


So if you have a home to offer a pet from the RSPCA in Bundaberg you will be saving a life and gain a loving pet.


When getting a pet from the RSPCA your pet is ready to take home, fees charged are for medical bills i.e. annual shots and neutering.


shutterstock_64741261 copy cropped Premium Cat food, vetilines, toys, collars, grooming equipment, bowls, play towers, crates & carriers, cat doors.

Cat Supplies