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Bird Seed Mixes

Parrots-Love Birds.
  • Large bird seed range.

  • Poultry and duck food:                        laying pellets, chicken crumble, pollard.

  • Seed bells, rings, cones                       and blocks in different sizes.  

  • Vetafarm products, seed, pellets.  

  • Lori wet and dry.  

  • Bird grits.

  • Medications, disinfectants.

  • Stands, large parrot cages to             small cages, wooden cages.  

  • Cage fronts, cage skirts.

  • Wooden nesting boxes,                    cane and coir nests, nesting materials.

  • Ladders, perches, shower perches,      grit perches, pumice perches.

  • Food and water dishes,                     metal coop cups, funnel tube feeders, plastic D feeders.

  • Baths.

  • Sand and sand sheets.

  • Cuttlefish and mineral blocks.

  • Books.

  • Millet seed sprays.

  • Toys, toys and more toys.

  • Spray bottles.

  • Bird hand nets.

  • Breeding boxes and                           nesting material.

Birds are always coming and going, so it's a good idea to come in often to see whats arrived. The open bird enclosure has hand raised baby parrots.


Some birds require a licence obtained from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection www.ehp.gov.au

    Birds are subject to availability,

and season.

Leave your details and staff will notify you when your pet arrives.

  • Hand Raised Parrots

  • Parrots  

  • Finches & Canaries

  • Quails

  • Point of Lay Hens & Day Old Chickens are available from Boylans Produce - ph 41513826

Baby hand-raised sun conures in their play pen. Baby hand-raised Plumheads in their play-pen.

Bird room

Canaries in the Bird Room. Turquiosine parrot two parrots cockatiel Baby parrots: Sun Conures. See the range of parrots, finches and quails in the bird room or in the babies play pen.

See the parrots, finches and quails in the bird room. Hand raised parrots are often displayed in the play pen. There is a great range of breeding boxes.

Parrots, Finches & Quails

Nesting boxes available for parrots and finches.

Boylans seed mixes are for all breeds of birds, including ducks and chickens. Seed is fresh and well priced.

Breeding boxes and nesting material,

staff can assist in your choice.

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